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18 things you spend too much money on

You can completely refuse many positions on this list. Or at least cut the cost of them.

1. Utilities

Utility rates make up a significant part of our spending, and they also have a terrible tendency to go up all the time. According to recent data, on average, 15.2% of the income of residents of india is spent on paying for utility services. Electricity, water, heating are expensive, but living without all these joys of civilization, frankly, is not fun.
How to save money. There are many ways. For example, you can replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones: they use less energy - savings can be up to 80% Choose more energy efficient appliances: old appliances consume a lot of electricity.
Fix the dripping faucet and turn off the water when you don't need it, such as when brushing your teeth and the stream is wasted into the sink. Install aerators: they really reduce water consumption at the same head. Check the insulation in your apartment. And, of course, a piece of advice that has set the teeth on edge: when leaving the room, turn off the light.

2. Food

Indians spend a third of their budget on food. And the statement that you can eat well for 3,500 rupees a month is somewhat exaggerated.
However, you can still cut down on food costs. Of course, provided that you know how to cook. And if you don't know how, it's time to learn.
How to save money. Plan your meals: make a menu for the week and describe in detail what dishes and when you are going to cook and what you need to buy for this. Buy in bulk products with a long shelf life - cereals, pasta, flour, coffee, sugar and salt. Get a vacuum sealer for longer shelf life. Freeze fruits and vegetables in reserve. And be sure to keep track of promotions in the supermarket, compare prices and buy cheap counterparts.

3. Restaurants and cafes

Continuing the topic of food, let's talk about catering places. Well, restaurants and bars are evil. Food and drinks are sold there at crazy markups because the owners of the establishments have to pay rent and salaries to the staff. To use TD Bank Routing Number This is probably why more and more Indians prefer to cook food at home or order it online. Try to give up going to the cafe and you.
How to save money. Forget dining out in restaurants. Homemade food is not only cheaper but also tastier. And especially impressionable personalities will not be tormented by doubts whether the waitress dropped her hair into the soup and whether the dishes were washed well enough. Instead of meeting in a cafe, invite your friends to visit you: you will not only benefit financially, but you will also be able to enjoy the comfort of your home.

4. Smartphones

Many people are obsessed with the idea of ​​owning the newest, top-end smartphone. And flagships are not cheap toys. And sometimes a smartphone is primarily interesting not for its capabilities, but for its logo, which can be boasted to friends and colleagues. The most obvious example is the iPhone, which has become a kind of status symbol.
Smartphones are also rapidly becoming obsolete. You bought a flagship, a year passes, and another model is rolled out to the market, which has a little more pixels, gigabytes and gigahertz. Does this mean that it's time to part with an old, but serviceable gadget and shell out money for a new one? Of course no.
How to save money. Thanks to the development of Chinese technologies, now on the market you can find a lot of smartphones that are cheaper than branded gadgets, but at the same time they can practically do the same. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 9 takes  photos better than the iPhone XS Max, but costs less. And all smartphones can call, send messages in instant messengers and social networks, play video and music more or less the same way. So why pay more?
And chasing new products is a waste of money. Nowadays, most gadgets have minimal differences from previous models. So don't buy a new smartphone if the old one still works great.

5. Bottled water

There is no life without water. It is quite possible, therefore, that bottled drinking water is a commodity with a huge mark-up. It's too expensive to buy it every time you go to work or the gym. In addition to the liquid itself and a disposable container with a lid and a label, the supplier includes the costs of bottling, personnel and delivery, as well as amounts to cover costs and make a profit.
How to save money. Get a filter and purify the water yourself. Or boil it. Then pour into a bottle and carry with you wherever you go. But keep in mind that plastic bottles are not suitable for this: they are harmful
reuse. Moreover, plastic pollutes the environment. So buy a reusable bottle and forget about the extra waste.

6. Cable TV

Pay TV is a great way to waste your money. Yes, you will have a hundred or two extra channels, but not the fact that there is something interesting on them.
How to save money. Give up cable TV. In the age of the Internet, any film, TV series or show can be watched on demand at a time convenient for you. And no TV program or aimless channel switching.

7. Gym membership

Gyms, of course, are different, including not very expensive. But all the same, if you bought a monthly subscription, and only 3-4 training left, then the money can be considered wasted. Another point is the payment of the trainer. If you are completely new to sports, then you can't do without a mentor. But over time, his services become overly burdensome.
How to save money. Try exercising at home. If you can't do without a gym, at least give up the coach. Work with him only the first time: he must supply you with the technique. Ask for a workout program. Then you can continue on your own.

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